Here are some free resources that I find useful. Hit the logos to visit. If there’s a really good site you think I should add to this section let me know!



While it lacks somewhat in terms of timely updated stats from current years in-season, PFR is second-to-none when it comes to historical stats. Detailed info on every game we’ve ever played; all 50 seasons worth! Other useful tools too, such as historical jersey number records, and more. Essentially the entire history of the sport rolled into one massive, awesome site.


Over the Cap is a vital tool for anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of the team’s financial situation. In addition to rich and detailed cap information, there are a number of related visual tools that help you see the data in different ways. This site needs to be in your bookmarks, period.


Spotrac is another really great resource for the stats, metrics, and tools that every stupid-huge football fan needs. They have a unique  roster building tool that reminds me of franchise mode on football video games. You can cut, release, restructure contracts, set salaries, etc. The whole nine yards, as they say.  Spotrac is a must. Get there.


OurLads sets itself apart with useful reference tools for NFL Depth Charts. Archive date selector will show historical depth chart info going back ten years. Selecting an individual player displays personal transaction history including all status changes; activations, waivings, injuries, etc.


Football Outsiders is a good resource for advanced statistics. The site employs the DVOA model (Defense-adjusted Value Over Average) that attempts to strip away outside factors unrelated to individual performance and give a more accurate gauge of a particular player.


Despite noticing that they seem to be hosted on a server with occasional performance issues, or rather one that isn’t equipped for the massive data loads, I still really like Sporting Charts. In addition to offering blog-style analyses like each of the aforementioned  sites, Sporting Charts stays true to its name, with some really cool visual breakdowns of data. Handy tools like Player Compare and Fantasy Value Tracker kick it up yet another notch.


While this site seems mainly geared toward fantasy enthusiasts. The in-depth metrics it provides for offensive skill position players, and the visual interface used to deliver them, are both excellently done.


The Football Database strikes me as a PFR with fewer bells and whistles. I’ve yet to use it during an active season so I can’t comment on the rapidity of new stats being populated to the site. There are a couple of unique features like advanced turnover stats and schedule-based weather forecasts which make it worth a visit.


This site takes on visual representation of stats in a pretty cool way. Another good stop-off if you like to view data in the form of charts, graphs, maps, etc.