Season Premier Delayed for Illness

To the ridiculously small number of people that may have actually been looking forward to the start of the new Fins Look season, I have to apologize. Last week was going to be the big week, but of course, I ended up getting sick for the first time in almost a decade. Starting to feel better now, and I should have a pretty light week of work, so hopefully the delay won’t be much longer!

I also am working on the name of the new 2-minute-per-episode ‘microcast’ which I intended to call 2 Minute Warning. I then found out that there’s an NFL correspondent who has a side project of the same name. So I am on the fence as to whether I should keep it as 2 Minute Warning anyway, or change the name to 4th & Short, which also reflects the fact that the episodes will be very short in duration. I hope to get that worked out and going very soon as well.

Sorry again for the delays, I’ll try to get my shit together. Fins Up!