Why You NEED to Listen to 4th & Inches


Because I said so, the end.

But seriously… If you haven’t seen me, or one of my showmates, or one of our tens of listeners talking about 4th & Inches, you’re probably vision impaired, or not a member of Dolphins Twitter. So for you half-blind folks who inexplicably live your lives without an @, here’s a brief overview.

One month ago, myself, Tone, and Mike (@DolphinsRuleAll, @ToneOzMIA and @Mikeps78_NFL), embarked upon a mission to banish lameness from Dolphins Nation forever by creating a brand new Miami Dolphins-themed talk show whose core focus is LAUGHTER and FUN. If you want highly analytical, no-nonsense Dolphins talk, we would simply ask one thing- WHY?!

Who needs more endless droning on from people with no official connection to the team? There’s already more than enough of it… Who needs to have a good laugh? YOU DO, provided you are a normally-fuctioning human being. If you take life very seriously, you need this show more than anyone. Part of the reason we decided to do this program was to help people like you in our midst to pull the abnormally large stick from their ass!

What about people who do realize that indulging in humor on an extremely regular basis is a vital ingredient to a full and happy existence? Well, then this show is everything you’ve been waiting for and you didn’t even know it. Hell, maybe you did. Bottom line is, we’re really here for YOU. We exist solely to enjoy this often difficult life as Dolphins fans a little bit more. To give like-minded people a little something extra to look forward to, and teach everyone else how to live life a little more freely…whether they like it or not!

You’ll hear some Dolphins talk, sure- at certain times more than others- but what you also get is a whole lot of the trivial things that make life fun! From food preferences to bathroom protocol to absolute nonsense- nothing is off-limits. Which reminds me, 4th & Inches is NOT “family friendly” and never will be. There’s foul language, and literal toilet humor, so be sure you observe caution in where and how loudly you play our show!

With 4th & Inches, you also get not one, not two, but THREE hosts, each with his own distinct personality and accent! I hail from Rochester NY, while Mike is a native Bostonian, and Tone is our Miami Connection. It makes for a mixture of voices that are sure to get the ladies going, and probably the men too, to be honest…  We’re all also lifelong Dolphins fans, so we know our shit, too!

We’re getting geared up for a great season of Dolphins-themed hilarity, so be sure to get subscribed to our YouTube Channel, and rate us highly on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever else you choose to listen!

You can find our whole catalog in the playlist viewer, along with links to our many methods of listening on our official show page.  While you’re there, be sure to drop us a like on our official Facebook page, and use the share button to bestow our show upon your friends! We watch who shares and supports 4th & Inches, and routinely show our appreciation to those people.

The closer we get to the season, the more in-depth we’ll go into our opinions on Dolphins stars like Ryan Tannehill. Kenyan Drake, Kenny Stills. Cameron Wake, Reshad Jones, and all the rest!

So what are you waiting for? It’s 4th & Inches. Time to GO FOR IT! 

Big News


Not just big news, but great news — After all of my preparations to bring back the old Fins Look show, I have decided to scrap the idea after all… Why? A great opportunity to create some fun, edgy, and in no way serious content with two of Dolphins Twitter’s best-known characters.

I’m happy to report that myself (@DolphinsRuleAll), @Mikeps78_NFL, and @ToneOzMia, will be launching a brand new show called 4th & Inches. It’s going to be all about having a good time, and listener discretion will be highly advised!

We plan to do the first episode just prior to the draft, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks! Once we’ve gotten the show established, we’ll be inviting the odd Dolphins Twitter member on as a guest, periodically.

The show is going to be YouTube based, audio-only, and very Twitter-centric, so if you’re not a member of Dolphins Twitter already, sign yourself up immediately, and join the fun/insanity!

Well see you real soon on the maiden episode of 4th & Inches!


Season Premier Delayed for Illness


To the ridiculously small number of people that may have actually been looking forward to the start of the new Fins Look season, I have to apologize. Last week was going to be the big week, but of course, I ended up getting sick for the first time in almost a decade. Starting to feel better now, and I should have a pretty light week of work, so hopefully the delay won’t be much longer!

I also am working on the name of the new 2-minute-per-episode ‘microcast’ which I intended to call 2 Minute Warning. I then found out that there’s an NFL correspondent who has a side project of the same name. So I am on the fence as to whether I should keep it as 2 Minute Warning anyway, or change the name to 4th & Short, which also reflects the fact that the episodes will be very short in duration. I hope to get that worked out and going very soon as well.

Sorry again for the delays, I’ll try to get my shit together. Fins Up!