Inside the Miami Dolphins Locker Room

It’s difficult to believe that only 6 weeks have gone by since the premiere of 4th & Inches – Elite Dolphins Talk. In that time, we’ve gained hundreds of subscribers who know the value of a good laugh, and also many haters who don’t! Our philosophy of fun and frivolity isn’t for everyone. Some believe themselves to be above ‘toilet humor’. They aren’t. Some simply hate life and enjoy being miserable pricks, and believe that it is a perfectly acceptable way to live. It isn’t. Others believe that the concept of foul language exists outside of the arbitrary constructs of their own feeble minds, and that certain words should never be said. Well fuck that shit!

All that having been said, this week’s show was decidedly more football-related than some of the the others. We invited and were joined by Antwan Staley of USA TODAY’s Dolphins Wire, to answer our questions about the inner workings of the Dolphins locker room, and of course, answer The Question™. What followed was a predictably fun chat, part of yet another great show!

We talked about the recent chapters of the DeVante Parker saga, as well as Ryan Tannehill‘s standing in the organization. Other topics included the seriousness of Kenny Stills, Kenyan Drake‘s readiness as a starter, and so much more! Don’t miss out on this, the sixth episode of the greatest, crappiest show you’ve ever heard!

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