Big News

Not just big news, but great news — After all of my preparations to bring back the old Fins Look show, I have decided to scrap the idea after all… Why? A great opportunity to create some fun, edgy, and in no way serious content with two of Dolphins Twitter’s best-known characters.

I’m happy to report that myself (@DolphinsRuleAll), @Mikeps78_NFL, and @ToneOzMia, will be launching a brand new show called 4th & Inches. It’s going to be all about having a good time, and listener discretion will be highly advised!

We plan to do the first episode just prior to the draft, so look out for that in the next couple of weeks! Once we’ve gotten the show established, we’ll be inviting the odd Dolphins Twitter member on as a guest, periodically.

The show is going to be YouTube based, audio-only, and very Twitter-centric, so if you’re not a member of Dolphins Twitter already, sign yourself up immediately, and join the fun/insanity!

Well see you real soon on the maiden episode of 4th & Inches!