That’s My Cue, B!


While appearing at the 2018 NFL Combine, Adam Gase stated what anyone with a pure heart and half a brain has already known for an eternity. That’s right haters, your 7th year QB Ryan Tannehill is the incumbent starter once again, whether or not the Dolphins draft a quarterback in the first round. 

Sure, you ‘Tannehaters’ out there are a bit annoying, but I wouldn’t trade you for the world, or for anything good either. The fact is, nothing quite beats the joy of having seen you squirm through season after season believing, or at least pretending to believe, that the Dolphins have the wrong man under center.

You goalpost-moving, prejudiced, jealous, hateful, helplessly clueless asswipes cry incessantly about his elongated tenure, and in so doing, provide me and all other rational Dolphins fans with a sustainable source of derisive laughter. That’s the underlying message here: You’re dopes. Laughing stocks. The gloriously unfunny jokes of Dolphins Nation.

So how’s this for a punchline- another season of Tannemania is flying toward you faster than the punishing hand of your abusive mothers. I say mothers, because it’s readily apparent that you’re all fatherless.

For everyone else, I’ll just say that hope isn’t the only thing returning in 2018, because the Fins Look show will be back later this month! 

Fins Look Returns…Again


Hey nerds, Vero here. I’m still working on developing this latest version of the site, but figured it was time to go live anyway, so I can let you know about the new plans for

I’m taking it back to the roots. Fins Look isn’t for informative purposes, it’s for entertainment purposes. It’s a place for shit talk, and a place for laughs. The audio show is coming back too, so look out for that as well.

I’ve also got a new project in the works with a couple of Dolphins Twitter’s most familiar faces. I’ll leave it at that for now, but rest assured, 2018 is going to be a seriously good time.

Keep up with me on Twitter (@DolphinsRuleAll) to find out when the show kicks off, and to stay up to date on other crap!

Dolphinized Movie Posters


Greetings, Miami Dolphins fans, and no one else! (Seriously, if you’re not a Dolphins fan, fuck off lol)

Your buddy Vero Delfino here, and today I wanted to gather all of my Dolphinized™ movie poster edits into one place to make them easier for you to steal! I really enjoy doing these, which is why I titled this post ‘Vol.1’. Be sure to stay tuned for Vol. 2, or better yet, follow me on Twitter @DolphinsRuleAll and get ’em fresh as soon as they fall outta my head.

The three main components of a good Dolphinization are: An easily recognizable movie poster, a goofy play on words, and some good old fashioned digital image manipulation wizardry. Not all of these are that good, but this is the complete collection so far, and there are quite a few gems.

The Shining–> The Gasening – All work and no play makes Adam a coaching GENIUS!


Home Alone–> Home Alonso – Probably took the most work out of the bunch. Worth it.


A Clockwork Orange–> A Clockwork Orange & Aqua – This took almost no work, but how could I not?


Ghostbusters–> Rulebusters – Speaking of taking no work, this one is rather lazy, but I couldn’t resist the joke!


The Godfather–> The Gasefather – The entry of Adam Gase has been even more fun than making these memes, but nevertheless this one is gold.


Braveheart–> Gaseheart – Another Gase one… Can’t get enough of this guy! Just feels so damn good to have a coach we can be proud of again!


Dracula–> Sackula – This one stemmed from my secret wish that Cam Wake was immortal and could play for us until the end of time!


E.T.–> R.T. – Gotta throw a nod to our boy Ryan. Kid’s ready for his second consecutive career year. Mark it down!


The Terminator–> The Tannenator – Another Tannehill special.. This one is bush-league as hell apart from the lettering which I think I matched pretty well. Actually did this a couple seasons ago.


Forrest Gump–> Whorish Chump – Another dig at Tom ‘The Douche Rod’ Brady. Can you blame me? 


JAWS–> FINS – I somehow managed to make this classic poster even classic-er than it was!


Alice in Wonderland–> Jarvis In Wonderland – You didn’t think I’d skip Juice did you?


So there you have it… Twelve Dolphinized movie posters! Like I said, these are a lot of fun for me, so I plan to crank more of them out- be on the lookout!

Which one was your favorite? Find me on Twitter and let me know: @DolphinsRuleAll

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