5 Things You (Might Not) Know About Ted Larsen

2017-07-10_092450In honor of Ted Larsen Day, (62 days remaining until Week 1) I wanted to take a closer look at the Miami Dolphins O-Line addition that few people have been talking about.

We mentioned Ted Larsen briefly on the first episode of The Fins Broadcast’s 2017 season (>>Listen Here), but as for general discussion among the fanbase, there hasn’t been a whole lot of Larsen talk. Like most o-linemen, he’s not a huge name, but on a team with continued offensive line issues for a period of many years, it’s surprising that Ted Larsen could be added so quietly.

What’s the deal with Larsen, you ask? First and foremost, he adds needed versatility as someone who can play both guard positions and center. With lingering questions about the interior line, including Mike Pouncey‘s ability to get back on the field and stay there, the team could likely be staring down the barrel of another ‘musical chairs’ situation at the heart of the line. Larsen is a player who can accommodate in such a situation. So that’s the no-brainer in the equation.

But what else did I find out about Ted that might surprise you? Try these 5 things on for size:

1.) Florida Product – Born in Miami, Raised in Tampa. Was he a Bucs or a Dolphins fan, growing up? Or neither? Pros are pros, so I’m not suggesting that Ted would have a problem facing his childhood favorite squad in week one, if indeed his time in Tampa led him to be a Buccaneers fan. But it’s a question I’d still like to have answered.

UPDATE 07/12/17: Asked and answered! I have it on excellent authority (Ted’s wife tweeted me in response to this post!) that Ted Larsen is a Dolphins fan at heart! I know I said it doesn’t matter, but I lied- FINS UP!

2.) Played at NC State as a Defensive Lineman – Could he actually swing to the other side in a nightmare scenario where Suh is injured and the drop-off at DT goes off a cliff? This is an incredible long-shot, but it’s no secret that depth at the D-Tackle position is flimsy at best. Never say never.

3.) Drafted as OL by our Worst Enemy – Belichick & Co. do get a lot of credit for drafting well, though, so there’s that. Without giving BB or the Patriots too much credit, I’ll just say this: If they looked at him in their War Room and thought he could be fit to protect Tom Brady, there has to be something to his talent.

4.) Has Had a Taste of Success – Played 16 games for the 2014 Cardinals, and ten on a very good (13-3, NFC Championship appearance) 2015 Cardinals team. It’s also worth it to mention that he started for half a season on the 2016 Bears, where he played in a similar scheme to what the Adam Gase Dolphins currently run.

5.) Dolphins Believe in His Ability – I wouldn’t imagine he would have been given a 3 year contract if he was intended to be a mere stop gap. The Dolphins seem to believe that he can be dropped in, and contribute for an extended period. It could be argued that he was added as a depth player only, but Larsen himself said he was brought in “to compete” for a starting role on the Dolphins o-line. That may have been prerequisite modesty. With the group currently set to hit camp, I’m not sure I see a better candidate for the LG spot, recently vacated by Laremy Tunsil‘s move to LT.

So, there you have it. Ted Larsen, while not very likely to become a breakout superstar on the Dolphins offensive line, considering the interior issues, it seems highly likely that he will get more than his fair share of snaps in 2017. With better protecting franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill being a top priority, it remains to be seen if Ted Larsen will become a key component in that effort.

For now, we can rest in the knowledge that only 62 days remain until all of our theories, expectations, and hopes, are put to the test. Happy Ted Larsen Day!

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